Expertise and training in the care of laboratory animals

Advice and expertise in the following

Facility Audit and Advice

Management and financial structures.

Welfare and compliance.

Ethical review and ethical standards.

Training and education in anaesthesia, analgesia and other areas of animal care

Tailored courses to meet your Facilities requirements.

E-learning support for training courses with student tracking.

Courses matched to EU learning outcomes.

Level of training matched to participant expertise.

Seminars, workshops and hands-on content.

Expert Reports

Reviews of animal welfare issues.

Product registration expert reports.

Training delivered

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    Training and Education

    We can provide basic and refresher training on a range of topics. The content can be adapted to suit a particular audience. Training delivery is by Professor Paul Flecknell. Paul is happy to co-teach with in-house staff, to complement their expertise, or we can augment the FLAIRE Learning team to include additional experienced colleagues.

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    EU20/21/22 Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Surgical Techniques

    This course meets the learning outcomes of EU modules 20/21 and 22, (UK PILC) and can be designed to include the practical elements of this training. We provide a comprehensive set of notes to support the course content, and include interactive sessions to enhance audience engagement. Please contact us to discuss the scope and duration of the course.

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    Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia Workshop

    A more in-depth series of seminars and interactive sessions, aimed at those with experience in anaesthesia who wish to broaden and update their expertise. The duration and content of the seminars can be adjusted to suit your particular requirements.

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    Workshop on assessment, prevention and alleviation of pain and distress

    A series of seminars dealing with the assessment and alleviation of animal pain and distress. The scope of the seminars and duration of the workshop can be adjusted to suit your particular requirements. The workshop can include interactive training in pain assessment in rodents and rabbits, and problem-based learning in pain management.

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    Updating sessions on laboratory animal anaesthesia, pain assessment and pain alleviation

    A shorter program of seminars focusing on more recent information in this field, and including training in assessment of pain in rodents and rabbits. Again, there is an interactive element to these learning modules.

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    Animal Welfare for Ethics Committees

    One or more seminars for members of ethics committees to provide context and background for their work. Topics can include understanding pain and distress in animals, and implementing and assessing the impact of refinements.

Lead Consultant

  • Professor Paul Flecknell

    MA, VetMB, PhD, DLAS, DECLAM, FRSB, (Hon)DACLAM, (Hon)FRCVS, Dr (h.c.)

    Professor Paul Flecknell has over 40 years of experience in the care and welfare of animals. He has authored numerous scientific publications, books and book chapters and has an international reputation in this field.

    Paul qualified from Cambridge Veterinary School and completed his PhD at the University of London.

    He is a Diplomate of the European Colleges of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia and Laboratory Animal Medicine. He is an RCVS Diplomate in Laboratory Animal Science and an honorary Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal medicine. He is an honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Ghent.

    He worked as Director of a multi-species research facility for over 30 years and has extensive experience in development and delivery of training and education in animal care and welfare. He has wide experience on advising on facility management and ethical issues.

    As head of the Pain and Animal Welfare Science (PAWS) group at Newcastle, he published over a 100 scientific papers, reviews and book chapters in the field of analgesia and anaesthesia of laboratory animals. The group are widely recognised for their work on novel methods of cage-side assessment of pain, particularly using pain faces and developing methods of measurement of affective state in rodents.